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Kitchen and Bathroom Renovations, North Shore, NSW

Affordable and professional tiling and renovations with a professional team based in Sydney's North Shore.

We are proud of our work in the North Shore and Northern Beaches and have transformed bathrooms and kitchens with amazement for years.

Our team of licensed renovation specialists will ensure that each installation or modification is completed with the utmost care. We are well versed in a variety of renovation services including bathroom renovations, kitchen renovations, stone tile installations, pool and spa tiling, waterproofing, flooring, wall tiling and more.

The process begins with an on-site inspection that will allow our certified renovation specialists to assess the project and prepare a strategy that will allow your goals to be met.

With our wide range of resources and professionals, you can expect to receive high quality service at an affordable price. We work alongside qualified interior decorators and architects to ensure that the design and process aligns with the overall style of your home or office space.

It is important that with any renovation, we install tiling that will flow seamlessly with the rest of your space. If you are interested in custom tiles or mosaic design, our team of experienced experts will be able to design bespoke tiling designs that will enhance your bathroom or kitchen. Our work has been revered and we have received accolades for our ability to create unique masterpieces. 

There is no renovation project that is too big or too small for us to manage. With our extensive range of knowledge and expertise you can rest assured knowing that your vision will be brought to life. We are trusted as one of North Shore's and NSW leading kitchen and bathroom renovators and we look forward to hearing how we can transform your home into a sanctuary.

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Tiling Services

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Tile Cutting

Tile is a rigid material, but it can be resized to fit a variety of spaces. We offer tile cutting services to help you resize your set of tiles in preparation for installation. Our tile cutting services can be adopted to suit any tile materials such as porcelain tiles, ceramic tiles, glass tiles, metal and wooden tiles, natural stone tiles, terra-cotta tiles, trim tiles, cement tiles and more. We have the resources available to resize a variety of tiles. 

Tile cutting requires a lot of precision and experience to maintain the integrity and standard of your tiles. If you are currently working on a DIY project, this process may become overwhelming and that is why we offer this service in and around the North Shore. Our licenced contractors are experienced in tile cutting and they make use of innovative equipment and products to make the appropriate changes to your tiles. The team will adhere to the national safety standards throughout the tile cutting process and they will make sure that your safety is maintained throughout the tile cutting process. 

We have a diverse range of tools that we use to cut tiles, and these include coping saws, tile nippers, hand-held tile cutters, tile stones, wet saws, diamond blades, snap cutters and grinders. With the help of these tools we can trim down the size of any type of tile. If you are looking to resize your floor tiles,

shower and bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles or outdoor tiles we have the experience and resources to help you achieve your goal. With our team of licenced professionals, we will help you to modify your tiles to meet all your remodelling and installation needs.

Feature Walls

Feature walls have gained popularity over the years and have since become the standard for most homes and offices. Feature walls have the ability to modify a room by creating an appealing focal point. Whether you are looking to create a bold wall design or if you are looking for something more subtle,we can help you to meet all your tile installation needs. Our team of licenced contractors can create unique feature walls for your living space.

With our custom designs and our diverse selection of tiles you can trust our services to meet all your needs. We have been in the industry for years and have since garnered a reputation as one for the top tile contractors in the NSW area. Our work has been featured in various publications and websites. We work alongside architects, interior designers and builders to create the ultimate feature wall for your space. They will work together to embellish your wall with decorative tiles and intrinsic layouts.

The design of your feature wall can be adapted to suite any interior design or landscape design. We can make your feature wall stand out by using a variety of tiles and materials to create a bold style. With unique painted tiles and custom shaped tiles, we can help you to design a feature wall that will garner a lot of attention. Whether you are looking to install a tiled feature wall in your shower, kitchen, living space or outdoor area our team will be able to help you design and install the feature wall of your dreams.

Contact us to book your consultation today.

Mosaic Tiles

A mosaic is an array of tiles that are installed intricately to produce an artistic pattern. There is a wide range of designs that can be

created from mosaic tiles. They can be used to create bold designs or for classic designs to meet your style needs. Our wide range of tiles, colours and shapes will give you the flexibility to explore various design options to suit your taste. 

A mosaic can be installed anywhere within your property to create an eye-catching design that will elevate the standard of any simple room or space. It will bring an artistic element into your home or office. If you

are looking for this service in NSW, we have the licenced professionals and resources available to help you install mosaic tiles in your property. 

The art of installing mosaic tiles involves a lot of work and we can create classic or abstract designs by laying the tiles in different variations.

The application for mosaic tiles can produce visual impact that will add creativity into your space.

The tiles can be added to various places within your property including floors, bathrooms, kitchen, outdoors, walls and backsplashes. If you are looking to freshen up your living space with the installation of mosaic tiles, we have the expertise to create breathtaking designs for any property.

There is no job that is too big or too small for us to handle.


According to the National building standards and regulations, it is a requirement for every shower, bathroom or wet room in a property to be

waterproofed. The space will need to be laminated and sealed to protect your property from unwanted leakages.

We offer waterproofing services in and around the North Shore area where the process involves laying down multiple layers to create a protective barrier sealing the floors and walls to inhibit water from passing through.

Our team of licenced contractors will determine the amount of proofing required in your space to ensure that adequate protection is provided. 

We provide affordable solutions for all your waterproofing needs. Our team of licenced contractors will work alongside you to ensure that your bathroom, shower, toilet area, wet room, pool and spa are waterproofed according to the national standards and regulations. 

Our waterproofing solutions go hand in hand with our bathroom and kitchen renovations to ensure that there are no leaks and that your appliances do not accidentally get damaged. We are fully licenced waterproofers and are ready to service your home in the North Shore and Northern Beaches area.

Whether you are building a new property or if you are

looking to remodel your bathroom, we have a team of qualified professionals that will help you to achieve your tiling goals.

Bathroom Renovations, North Shore

The bathroom is a sanctuary and an escape in your own home where you can get away from the craziness of your surroundings, even just for a little bit. It is also the most frequently used room in any household or property.

A bathroom renovation is the key to experiencing serenity in your home once again with a whole new outlook and design to enjoy. Our quality is unmatched and our service is unrivaled, delivering excellent results and leaving you, our valued client satisfied and ready to show off your new bathroom (or maybe keep it to yourself).

Our team of licenced bathroom renovation specialists will assess your property and work with you on a budget, design and anything you require to put your mind at ease whilst we do what we do best!

Based in Northern Sydney and catering for the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas, our renovations will keep your home highly valued and a place where you can entertain your guests and maintain a comfortable and secure experience for your family and everyone who dwells within your home.

Kitchen Renovations, North Shore

The most creative place in every home, the kitchen is where both minds and stomachs fill up. Heighten your inspiration with a newly renovated kitchen designed and constructed by our North Shore team.

A kitchen renovation is the ideal place to renovate for multiple reasons. When looking at a property, prospective buyers tend to value the home based on the kitchen as they understand the importance that this room plays on the landscape of your home.

Paired with a bathroom renovation, a kitchen renovation is the ultimate pair and we have a team of specialists who are integrated into the knowledge and skills required to bring out the best in both of these spaces.

With years of experience and trust in the Northern Beaches and North Shore areas of Sydney, we promise that we will deliver a kitchen that inspires you to create a masterful array of dishes that works well with a wonderful and beautifully designed kitchen.

Contact us today and let's cook up an amazing kitchen.

Tiling Services

The revamping of your walls and floors will require a lot of

work and that is why you will need support from reliable professionals.

The entire process will be streamlined by our experienced team who will walk with you every step of the way until the job is complete. Our team have experience working on large projects and small projects so they will strive to tailor your space to suit your vision. 

We have serviced various properties within the North Sydney area and transformed them with new tile installations, tile repair and

regrouping. The profiling and assessments conducted by our team of licenced professionals will allow them to create a personalised strategy for the project at hand.

This is an important step as it will help the team familiarise themselves with your space.

Preparation of the floors and walls will require support from our experienced staff members who will remove the damaged or old tiles and prepare the floor for the installation of your new tiles. It is a very delicate process and we approach it with utmost precision to ensure that the standard of your walls and floors are maintained.

We always adhere to safety standards so you can rest assured knowing that your safety will be maintained throughout the remodeling process.

With our team of licenced contractors, we can work to meet any deadline. They have years of experience and they have received copious amounts of

training to become experts in the industry.

With our diverse selection of qualified professionals and assistants we can provide a support team that will execute the project within a short period of time. We work efficiently to provide high quality results. After the project is complete our team will clean and restore your living space by removing all the excess debris, dust, dirt and equipment.

For all of your tiling needs, please contact us below.

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