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After living at your home for quite some time, you may find that there are some elements requiring a refurbishment of some sort. The roof may leak, the flooring may show signs of cracking, and your bathroom or your kitchen (maybe both) need a fresh look.

If you're looking to make the most out of your most valuable investment, it may be time to look into a bathroom renovation. Experts say it is easier to regain your investment this way and increase the value of your home. The first step is to create and assign a budget. Home renovations require a lot of time and patience. It is not just about making your home look better involving more than just a simple design change or a new coat of paint. You cannot narrow down a renovation to incorporate just the aesthetics. It’s about security, comfort and overall happiness in your surroundings.

It’s understandable to think that renovations of any nature can be prohibitively

expensive, so why bother? You’d be surprised at how affordable they can be and the team here at Tiling North Sydney in connection with North Shore Renovations and Tiling are ready to get your work on your bathroom renovation and transform it into something amazing.

The bathroom is arguably, the most used room in the home for both owners and visitors, so it is important to have one that matches your style of living. An assessment of your bathroom will be completed by our specialist team and includes the styling, vanities and all the things you need to get a beautiful looking bathroom that you deserve.

Retiling is just one of the elements involved in the renovation process and it is a surefire way of having a wonderful, long-lasting result in your home giving it that instant “wow” factor, full of luxury look and keep the maintenance expectations down by being easy to clean. We specialise in delivering complete and affordable bathroom renovations in Sydney’s North Shore and the Northern Beaches.

With years of experience, we guarantee to both meet and exceed your expectations. We value our relationships that we build with our clients and we ensure that, at the end of the day, the end result leaves you feeling satisfied and happy with our service. We will connect with you from the start until the end of the renovation.

Bathroom vanities are a good way of having a perfect look and additional space in the bathroom. You can choose your own design if you like a modern or traditional style as we have all varieties of vanities.

There are many advantages when deciding to remodel your bathroom outside of improving the value of your home. A creation of space, efficiency and modernism are all paramount to a successful renovation and the ultimate aim is to enhance the appeal to potential home buyers in the future. The bathroom and kitchen are the two most common rooms to be remodelled and renovated because when it comes to selling your property, prospective buyers will be placing a close eye on these two rooms the most!

Let’s create your sanctuary with an affordable and professional bathroom renovation from the team at Tiling North Sydney and North Shore renovations and tiling.

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