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Tile Mosaics and Patterns, North Sydney

Individual small tiles can be installed together to create a pattern or image. This involves meshing tiles of varying length and size to construct a visually appealing pattern that will elevate your space.

The installation of mosaic tiles has been a monumental practice throughout history that has allowed the introduction of artistic designs into various properties. These tiles used to be placed individually onto walls or floors but today these individual tiles are usually mounted onto a mesh backing to allow multiple tiles to be installed at once and this will make the installation process more efficient.

These sheets of tile can be composed of different coloured tiles and tiles with different shapes. Some mosaic tiles are made up of square tiles, geometric, circular or rectangular tiles. A mosaic can be installed on a wall, countertop, backsplash or floor space to create an eye-catching design. These tiles are perfect for creating and designing centrepieces for your tile installations. The diverse selection of tiles, colours and shapes will give you the flexibility to explore various design options to suite your taste.

With mosaic tiles you can create bold designs and new tile patterns. Combining figured tiles to create centrepieces and focal points. Mosaic tiles are also used to create abstract designs for your home, office or outdoor space. Whether the design is for a large space or for a small backsplash the tile arrangements can be made to suit any space.  With our team of licensed tile contractors and designers you can trust that your mosaic tile installation will be in good hands.

The process begins with an onsite inspection for our team to assess the space and to decide on the tiles required to bring your vision to life. A date is set for the installation process and when that day comes, one of our licenced tile contractors will manage the entire installation process. Adhesive is applied on the space on which the tiles will be installed. The epoxy adhesive is applied in quadrants as to allow for the tile laying process. Depending on the size of your project we will assign several contractors that will meet your needs.

Depending on the size of the mosaic tile it may need to be stabilised for the installation process. This is done by inserting plastic spacers within the open joints in order to make the installation process easy to manage. This will ultimately be determined by the tile contractor managing your job as they will have a working knowledge of the complete process. The tiles are laid out onto the adhesive space and they are aligned according to the design. This may require geometric alignment, diagonal or straight.

This will depend on the final design that is being followed. The tiles will be laid out and resized to fit perfectly into the space. A mosaic installation is a good way to bring an artistic element into your home or office. It will uplift any mundane space or area and transform it into an intricate piece of artistic genius. If you are looking for this service in North Sydney, we have the licenced professionals and resources available to help you install mosaic tiles in your property.

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