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We offer services and support for renovation and tile remodeling projects, specialising in bathroom and kitchen renovations. The aim is to give your space a fresh new style and design with the simple change of your indoor and outdoor tiling.

We have serviced various properties within the North Sydney area and transform them with new tile installations, tile repair and regrouting. Our team of tile contractors will assess your space to ensure that the complexities of the project are considered. We will create a custom plan and strategy to ensure that the remodeling process goes smoothly.

The removal of your flooring or current tiling will require support from our experienced team members and they will remove all of the unwanted tiles and prepare the floor for the installation of your new tiles. The process

is approached delicately and with the utmost precision to ensure that the integrity of your walls and floors is maintained. We always adhere to safety standards so know that your safety will be maintained throughout the remodeling process. 

Our team of licenced contractors are highly experienced, and they can work to meet any deadline. With our extensive selection of qualified professionals and assistants we can provide a support team that will execute the project within a short period of time. We work efficiently to provide high quality results.

After the project is complete our team will ensure that your living space or work space is completely cleaned to restore the setting as we found it. We work alongside builders, architects and interior designers to ensure a smooth operation throughout. Liaising between the main contractors in the project will help us to conduct tile installations that complement the rest of the property design.

Tiles are durable compared to other materials and nearly maintenance free but there is a possibility for them to wear over time, so for the restoration of your tile installation we provide a variety of tile repair services, including regrouting, anchor point repair and tile replacement.

The tiles may not be the problem, it might be the stained grout that needs refreshing. We provide regrouting service and grout colorant application. This will rejuvenate your discoloured grout to make your tiles look and feel brand new. This will not only transform the appearance of your tiles, but it will also restore the functionality by adding another protective layer to the tiles.

The revamping of your walls and floors will require a lot of work and that is why you will need support from reliable professionals. The entire process will be streamlined by our experienced team who will walk with you every step of the way until the job is complete. Our team have experience working on large projects and small projects so they will strive to tailor your space to suit your vision.

If you need the best tiling contractors near you in North Sydney for your remodeling and renovation project, contact us today to make your booking.

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