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Tile Waterproofing, North Sydney

Every shower, bathroom or wet room in your living space requires waterproofing to ensure that there is no unwanted runoff’s or leakages.

We offer waterproofing services within the North Sydney are including a variety of insulation solutions to help you maintain dryness within your wet rooms and to ensure that the standard of your floors is maintained over time. Whether you are looking to waterproof your newly built open plan bathroom or if you are looking to modify your current waterproofing system of a classic bathroom, we have the resources available to help you bring your vision to life.

The waterproofing process involves laying down multiple layers to create an impermeable barrier to water. The process is referred to as the tanking process and it is the act of sealing off a space to protect it from water penetration. According to the national building regulation standards it is a requirement for all buildings to have waterproofed bathrooms and showers. Our team of licensed contractors will determine the amount of proofing required in your space to ensure that adequate protection is provided.

The two most common ways for the sealing process are by using a membrane or a coating. Waterproofing membranes are thick rubberised membranes that maintain their integrity over years. The nature of these membranes makes them extremely functional in protecting surfaces from water penetration whereas coating involves applying a protective layer over your wet areas to ensure protection.

The process begins with measurement of the surfaces that need to be waterproofed and this will require consultation from one of our qualified tile contractors who will measure leach space and prepare respective

membrane materials to suit each to a tee.

This is then followed by rendering and sealing of the membrane onto the relevant floors and ceilings ensuring that all of the exposed floor is thoroughly sealed. The newly sealed space is then treated to ensure that there are no leakages. Once that process is complete the tiling and construction process can

continue. The tiles can be arranged to suit any design or space and there is an unlimited variety of choice for tiles and style that you can choose for your space.

Our team will ensure that your waterproofing is completed to the highest standard to avoid any future leaks or unnecessary repairs. They will create a space that will maintain its functionality over the years. We offer durable and affordable solutions for all your waterproofing and sealing needs. There is no job that is too big for our qualified staff to handle. Whether you are currently constructing a new building or if you are undergoing a remodeling project it is important to have experienced professionals to complete all your water proofing tasks.

We work alongside local councils to ensure that all relevant standards are met. If you are looking for NSW tile contractors and waterproofing professionals near you, look no further.

We provide the staff and resources you need to ensure that your newly built property is in accordance with the national building standards.

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